Daily Vibes + Organize Plan Do


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Manage Everything

Decreasing stress begins by writing things down. Organize and map out your ideas, lists, goals, and projects.

See tangible progress

Sometimes we forget how far we have come. Motivate yourself and measure your progress with real-time graphs.

Track your mental health

Be analytical and evaluate your life. Use our fun and simple tracker to take account of your daily moments. See exactly how your days go.

Notes that are yours

Draft ideas without having someone or something proofread. I find my drafts valuable and hope you will as well.

Not a notes app

Compose your ideas using plain text format or optional Markdown format.

Get Reminded

Set a due date and a reminder to never miss a deadline notification.

Review completed items

See exactly just how far you've come. Hide completed tasks to focus on what is coming.

Add your own tags

Use unlimited labels and quickly find the right items across different projects in seconds.

Pick a gorgeous theme

Daily Vibes comes with a number of beautiful iOS centric design themes. Pick one to match your experience.

Self-care Calendar View

Overview your mental health and self-care in a smart calendar tracker. Track your good and bad vibes. Quickly see your month.

Made for everyone

A solo project from Toronto by someone with training in software engineering and psychology.